How to close apps on iphone XR

How to close apps on iPhone XR

How to close apps on iPhone XR ,X ,XS , & MAX


Booming Technologies, New designs, Easy close apps on iphone xr and  New visions is what Brands are offering to their customers to keep them as their loyal ones. Regular developments provide offerings to run their company and help them to go hand in hand with modernity. Following up the latest adoptions is the competition. 


Various Optimisations are done on a daily basis to improve the user interface. Designs is one of’em. New handsets are coming with great designs and  functionality. Era is focusing on phones with no buttons. This is how Artificial intelligence is ruling, devices are now operable through gestures and it gives a better experience to their customers while handling their devices. It is making things more easy to handle and more classy to operate.


How to close apps on iphone XR,X,XS MAX


  1. Put your finger towards the middle bottom of the display, while you are in an app or at the home screen and just swipe up and pause for half a second while still pressing up the screen.

How to close apps on iphone XR


  1. When the app switcher comes up, to find the app that you want to close just swipe left or swipe right through the different app cards.

How to close apps on iphone XR



  1. Now just do quick swipe up on the app that you want to close or you can use three fingers to clear out the apps one by one. 

How to close apps on iphone XR



Just follow these steps and there you go. You can close apps on iPhone XR unwanted apps which are running in the background. There is one misconception which usually people have. That closing the background applications helps them to improve performance of the device.


Still if you don’t want to use these swipe up feature of iOS 12, you can use iPhone assistive touch. Tap on the assistive touch and double click on the home button present in side the assistive touch icon, after that app switch will pop up and you can scroll right or light to find the app that you want to close and later than just do quick swipe up of that respective app card present in the app switcher. 

How to close open apps on iphone XR 

However, those applications are in suspended state and are not consuming any kind of resources and you can not save battery after closing all apps. However, it will consume more battery if you load up everything again in your mobile phone. Because every another app you load again requires system resources which eventually leads to consumption of more battery and it will automatically slow down the device performance. You can speed up the device by not closing up the application. Meanwhile, all the background applications are present in the suspended state, so the same will not consume much of the system resources.

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You are just some swipe ups away to close apps on iPhone XR the background running applications and Yes of course, Apple doesn’t support to close all applications in one go.


You have to close applications one by one. Apple doesn’t provide any option to Close all the application with only one click. There is a big reason behind it, i.e. closing up all the applications might create a bug because it will lead to force quitting of all the apps and maybe some apps will not get closed properly and later it will generate problem while running app. So for security reasons apple doesn’t support closing all apps with one click.


Factors like battery consumption, device performance are almost independent of running background applications. There is no way that you can improve your device performance or reduce battery consumption after closing all the background apps. 


Hope you guys must be clear about this new swipy trend. Enjoy your new iOS 12 ride and Have fun.