Top 5 Video Editing Software For Windows 10

Windows 10 has become the hottest topic of Windows, and those who are already using it may be enjoying the new features of the OS and new operability.

I think that many Windows 10 users like to take pictures and videos and save their data on their computer as a backup of their memories. 

You want to edit and leave important memories such as when you went out with your family and your friend’s wedding.

However, there are not so many video editing software compatible with Windows 10 at the moment, so you need to be careful when looking for editing software. 

Video Editing Software

Therefore, this time,

We will introduce 5 recommended video editing software compatible with Windows 10, focusing on each feature.

1. Video Editing Software: Wondershare Filmora9

With this software, you can easily edit files such as M2TS and MOV without worrying about files, paying attention to details such as video cuts and transitions.

Other editing functions include text insertion, BGM insertion and adjustment, PIP, etc., so you can make interesting and fashionable edits with this software alone.

With an intuitive and easy-to-understand operation screen, both beginners and advanced users should be able to edit their own ideas with confidence.

Also, I’m glad that there is a simple mode that you can make a video that matches the theme just by preparing the material, and that you can update the cool effects designed for each theme (up to VFX editing material) regularly. 

The advantage is that the created videos can be saved in various formats such as WMV and MP4 in addition to DVD and iOS devices.

Key features of Wondershare Filmora9

  • Supports input / editing of various formats of videos / photos
  • Various editing functions such as trim, crop, and background music video
  • Equipped with abundant filters, titles and transitions
  • Enhanced automatic render & render preview function
  • Split screen preset function
  • Create unique videos with intros, credits and effects
  • Save to PC, share to YouTube and output to DVD
  • Supported OS: Windows, Mac.
  • You can download the Windows version or Mac version depending on the OS of your PC .

2. Video Editing Software for Windows 10-Windows Movie Maker

It can be downloaded from, and I think it is the most easy-to-use software for those who have used Windows. Although you can’t do elaborate editing like a professional, it also has tools that are indispensable for editing such as splitting and adding text, and various transition effects. 

Although there are few formats that can be saved, it can be said that it is software for beginners who can save the created video in the form of WMV etc. and enjoy it immediately. Unfortunately, movie maker support downloads have ended in early 2017.

3. Video Editing Software for Windows 10-Avidemux

The point of this software is that it is a free software and is good at splitting videos and modifying videos. You can easily set the division work with the button, and especially since the preview screen is large, you can check it firmly even when adjusting the contrast etc. other than division. You can also add subtitles, so it might be a good idea to cut out your favorite part of the video and then put the subtitles there and save it.

4. Video Editing Software for Windows 10-Cyberlink PowerDirector

Editing functions such as video loading and effects are also well organized. You can freely edit transitions, add text, PIP functions, etc. However, due to the multi-functionality, it may take some time for beginners to master the operation. Also, the price is high and I feel that it is for advanced users.

5. Video Editing Software for Windows 10-Movavi Video Editor

When you start the software, each display is easy to understand, so anyone can start editing immediately. Files such as MOV and MP4 can be imported immediately, and it is perfect for those who want to challenge editing by adding arrangements such as effects and BGM. 

In addition, there are also nice features such as being able to output the edited video to a format such as MP4 and upload it to YouTube and Facebook. Video processing software for Windows 10 that is easy to operate .